Room 17

Welcome to Room 17!

We are so excited for this school year! Our class will be working on some big projects this year, including learning about how our brains work! We are also embarking on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Projects. We are offering an incredible sports elective this term!

During Math class, we will be working on individual goals and working toward grade level state standards. Most of all we will be working on persevering through hard problems, and trying to use different strategies to solve a problem. In our Math class it is okay to take a risk and it is okay to make a mistake! That is how we learn and how we succeed!

We look forward to a fun, memorable year in Room 17 and we are so pumped to be here at Lane School!

Stuart and John

The links below are common ones that we may use in class or are helpful resources for students looking for extra assistance, or simply fun learning experiences on the internet. Please check back to this page frequently for updated websites and activities.

Math Practice: (These require passwords)

IXL Math

Khan Academy

Math Games:


Typing Practice:

Typing Games:

Spelling & Vocabulary:

Spelling & Vocabulary City

Text Twist

Coding Sites:

Grasshopper: Learn to Code

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