Behavior Consultation

The behavior consultation program offers pre-referral, intervention and transition services to school districts in Lane County.

Behavior consultants work with teachers and other local district staff to engage staff and teams in creative problem solving and the implementation of both general classroom interventions and individualized interventions for any student K-21 who is at-risk for or who displays serious behavior problems. Consultants also support the development and maintenance of school-wide positive behavior supports and interventions (PBIS).

Consultants offer in-service training to districts in the area of behavioral management, classroom management, functional behavior assessment, and evidence-based strategies. Consultants also offer resources and training opportunities to transportation departments as needed.

At times behavior consultants are involved with interventions that target the entire school such as staff trainings aimed at violence prevention, trauma informed care, and collaborative problem solving.

Lane School Behavior Consultants are supervised by Justin Radabaugh, Westmoreland Campus Program Supervisor.

Lane School Behavior Consultants

Dorothy DilliplaneDorothy Dilliplane
Lane School Office Behavior Consultant
Jessica GeorgeJessie George
Lane School Office Behavior Consultant
Rachel Gibbons
Junction City School District Behavior Consultant
Amy Moore
Lane School Office Behavior Consultant
Patsy Roberts
Marcola School District Behavior Consultant
Regional Autism Consultant
Anna SheaAnna Shea
Lane School Office Behavior Consultant
Regional Autism Consultant
Erin White
Fern Ridge School District Behavior Consultant