Program Info

What Is Lane School?

Lane School is a public school program located in Eugene, Oregon at the Lane ESD Westmoreland Campus. We serve both elementary and middle school-aged students in kindergarten through 8th grade who reside in Lane County.

Students are referred to Lane School by resident school districts located in Lane County. All students referred to Lane School are placed in our program based on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) team decision.

Lane School is designed to provide intensive interventions and supports to students with social, emotional, and/or behavioral needs. We utilize a school-wide systems approach we find to most efficiently and effectively support student needs. Those strategies include: Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports systems, Trauma-Informed Care, and Collaborative Problem Solving to name a few.

Our mission is to provide high quality academic and social-emotional instruction that empowers students to develop the skills needed to be successful in a less restrictive setting in their home districts. We take the time to prioritize positive relationships and rapport with our students which allows us to best connect and understand each student’s individual strengths, interests, and needs.

Academic Instruction

We use academic grouping and differentiated instruction to address our students’ individual needs, not grade level. Students receive academic instruction in a small classroom group. Their learning environment is highly structured and systematic. Each classroom in our middle school program is staffed with a lead teacher and an instructional assistant. Each classroom in our elementary school program is staffed with a lead teacher and two instructional assistants.

Social-Emotional Instruction

At Lane we focus daily on Social-Emotional instruction for developing useful problem solving skills and using calming tools and strategies, as well as making positive choices and interacting appropriately  with others. Students are taught the research-based brain science that helps them better understand how their human brain responds to stressful situations. We carve time out each day to encourage students and staff to practice flexible thinking as well as using calm, safe bodies to make our school a safe and positive place to learn.

Behavior Supports

We utilize a highly structured level system and apply a systematic response to behaviors. Behavior supports are both tiered, to support all of the students, as well as individualized for specific behavior support needs. Behavior and Autism Consultants are staffed on campus, providing direct support to students and staff for problem solving, crisis response, and program development.

Lane School staff are trained to respond to student behavior escalations without the use of restraint or seclusion. We utilize plans and systems that increase the likelihood of safe choices at school and encourage students to develop the necessary skills to maintain a safe body at school and home.

Transitioning Back to Neighborhood School

Students typically attend Lane School for 2-3 years, but this timeline depends on each student’s individual needs. Students transition back to their home district or an alternative placement after successfully completing the program. This transition is facilitated by the Transition Team, who partner with the student’s resident school district to develop a support plan that will help the student be successful in their next school setting.