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“The Bridge”

Captains on Deck : Jesse & Monica

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A new year. A new Bridge. I am so excited to see which students will be making the big leap this year to the Bridge and eventually, to their home school.   Together with the rest of our Lane School family, we will help create a caring school community where all students feel safe, respected, and valued.

The links below are common ones that we may use in class or are helpful resources for students looking for extra assistance, or simply fun learning experiences on the internet. Please check back to this page frequently for updated websites and activities.

  • easyCBM: Get ready to SWYK! (Show What You Know)new_logo_dark
  • Brainpop: A tremendous link for educational activities and movies.brainpop
  • Khan Academy: An incredible resource for multiple domains…especially math.khan
  • Read Live: Build up your reading fluency while earning B.o.F.! Print

Check out one of Lane School’s coolest elective classes: DMP


 Typing Power!!!

1332709101_qwerty keyboard home key

The following links are great sites for students to practice their typing prowess.  As schools (and employers) continue to emphasize and require work that is produced via computer (Word, email, internet research, etc.) the need for students to gain typing proficiency is at an all-time high.


  • Typing Web1332709101_qwerty keyboard home key
  • Big Brown BearScreen shot 2011-11-07 at 12.08.35 PM


  • Power TypingPowerTyping


  • Typing Sheep ParachutingSheep
  • Snail Invasion snail-invasion-extended

School Links for Bridge Students