Room 10

Staff: Linden & Katie

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Room 10

Welcome to Room 10!   I am very excited to be a part of this brilliant school!  I am so looking forward to working with and getting to know students and their families.

I am one of the Block teachers who will be teaching Language  Arts and Social Studies.  I will also be teaching a Science class on the topic neurology and the brain. s I love rowing, reading, dog training, science, and social justice.

Stay tuned for more updates to our page throughout the school year!

Block Games

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Reading Comprehension:

Author’s Purpose:

Sight words:

Sight words:

Homophones your, its, there:

Everglades Webquest

Keyboard Practice Homework (Mondays & Wednesdays): (you must log in)

Dance Mat Typing 

Kids Type Typing Practice

Typing Games are Homework Tuesdays & Thursdays (DON’T FORGET TO LOG IN!): Type Toss


Keyboard Ninja

Keyboard Climber 2 


Spelling City


Interactive World Map

Uganda Research Project Links

Uganda on Duckster

Uganda Wildlife

Music From Uganda