Bunny Passes

When our students need a break to keep on track in class, they might take 5 minutes on the basketball court, wall ball, or playground. Some students take a lego or Bionicle pass, or 5 minutes on Tech Deck. Still others just take a 5 minute talking pass. One of the favorite passes is the bunny pass. Here several students takes 5 minutes of calm time with Mabel, the school bunny.

Caring School Community 2017-2018

This year, Lane School staff’s all school focus is on building and supporting a caring school community.  Each day in the classroom and throughout campus, students will participate and practice care for self and others. The curriculum is founded on the principles to support each student’s: sense of belonging among their peers, their family and the adults in the school community sense of autonomy, with a voice in what’s happening in their community sense of competence and the notion that they are appreciated and valued in the community for the unique gifts they have to offer. The staff at Lane Read More …