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Together, Lane School students work in our school garden during an Elective class.


Room 16 has Thor, who students Care a lot about!  


Lane School students Learn how to groom and ride horses in our partnership with RideAble.


  When Lane School students Succeed in their academic work, they are nominated for a Golden Ticket award.
Latest Entries

Ooompah-Loompah, Power of Yet!

2016-2017: This year our Lane School Golden Ticket imgreswinners are students who demonstrate a Growth Mindset. These are students who stretch themselves academically and socially with the power of YET!  Each Thursday, the winner is announced and gets to choose from a list of special prizes.


In week 3, Andrew was awarded his Golden Ticket for trying his best on his reading, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing assessments even when he the work seemed hard and he didn’t want to do it. Great job persevering to get all of your work done even when it was challenging Andrew!



In week two, Room 16 nominated Tyrone for the golden ticket award. Tyrone has demonstrated a “power of yet” attitude in Block classes this week by asking questions when he didn’t yet know the class’s routines. He was calm when he didn’t win a caught-ya drawing…yet. When he didn’t know what the classwork expectation was, he noticed he just didn’t know the expectation yet. So, he raised his hand quietly to ask. Great job, Tyrone!

Growth Mindset

At Lane School our students are developing a growth mindset. This is the focus of our Golden Ticket Award where students are acknowledged for using on the Power of Yet! In this video, Carol Dweck describes how to think about a problem that seems hard to solve.

Principal’s Message

Welcome to our website!  At Lane School we focus on helping our students “build and maintain healthy relationships.” We provide learning activities throughout the day which encourage a “growth mindset.” Our staff are committed to helping students build confidence and use “effective effort” by applying specific, evidenced based learning strategies. In addition, we maintain an academic rigor which is aligned with our component districts.  Our students and staff work hard to maintain a safe and positive learning community each and every day.  Please enjoy our website.  It is designed to be a resource to our parents, staff, students and to the districts we serve.

Robin Hartshorne, Lane School Principal

Behavior of the Month – BON

BOrganizedNeat !

For Excellence in Organization and Neatness!

This school year 2016-17, Lane School continues our organization challenge to help inspire students to get back into the school routines.  The principal is challenging Lane School students to earn BON tickets keeping an organized binder, using their assignment sheet effectively, and being prepared for class with all needed materials.  One lucky student will earn a trip to Staples with the principal for a shopping spree!  So, work hard, Lane School students to BE ORGANIZED & NEAT!

Calming Tools Work at Lane School!


At Lane School, students can access calming tools in class and in the office.  Some students use their calming tools in the Media Center during a 5 minute pass plan.  These tools may include reading, drawing, using an iPad, going out on the playground, playing racquetball against the wall, or playing with a teck deck, to name a few.  Here’s a student doing a “Teck Deck” trick during his pass plan:

Teck Deck Video      Cool!!!!!!

Westmoreland Campus’ Water- Lead Testing Results

PBS Engineering and Environmental Inc. (PBS) came to our Westmorland campus to test our drinking water. See the letter here that details our results.