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Room 12 Volcanoes

Room 12 Volcanoes

 Room 12 erupts with science activities.
TP Mummy

TP Mummy

More than one TP mummy emerged at our Fall Harvest Celebration!
Art Show

Art Show

 Acrylic on canvas- Owen proudly displays his piece.
Student Employees

Student Employees

 Lane School student employees work hard to keep our school running smooth.


Lane School students Learn how to groom and ride horses in our partnership with RideAble.
Latest Entries

Ooompah-Loompah, Power of Yet!

2016-2017: This year our Lane School Golden Ticket imgreswinners are students who demonstrate a Growth Mindset. These are students who stretch themselves academically and socially with the power of YET!  Each Thursday, the winner is announced and gets to choose from a list of special prizes.


Room 10 would like to recognize Xyander for outstanding performance and effort on his Easy CBM math assessment. Way to go, Xyander!

Room 16 math would like to honor Xander for taking excellent calm, quiet brain breaks with the class and leading his homeroom class in a slow, relaxing brain break at the end of opening. Great Job Xander!

Room 9 math would like to recognize this student for increased participation, doing work before using a pass, and getting his math done without complaining. Nice job, Tyler!


IMG_0135Room 11 Block would like to nominate a student who regularly participates in class and completes his classwork and homework. He recently made progress on ALL of his Winter Benchmark Assessments. Congratulations Andrew Sandstrom for persevering even when the work seems challenging and for your continued progress in reading and writing!!  Erin, Liz and Courtney.


In block, Colin scored an impressive 24/25 on his benchmark assessment plus he has done an incredible job ignoring inappropriate behaviors in class. Great job, Colin!!!

Axel also did a tremendous job in learning new routines and also ignoring inappropriate behaviors! You Rock Axel!!!

Art Gallery 2016

jesseartlukeantonartLane students enjoy electives where they can explore areas of interest and develop collaboration and hone new skills. The abstract painting class hosted a gallery showing of their completed projects. They milesdshared their concept and offered refreshments to the sounds of of Miles Davis on vinyl.  They were fascinated by their peers’ creative work as well as by the strange disc going round and round.



andrewsThis Fall, some of our students worked independently and collaboratively in their woodshop elective. Among the projects they completed were a tool box, Jacob’s ladder, and their own customized skateboard.

Lane School is grateful to the team at Tactics Boardshop in Eugene for donating the grip tape for our boards.


They came out great! 

Behavior of the Month – BON

BOrganizedNeat !

For Excellence in Organization and Neatness!

jackbonOur lucky BON winner this month earned a trip to Staples with the principal for a shopping spree and got to watch her car park itself!

At Lane School we emphasize the skill of organization. Students earn BON tickets by keeping an organized binder, using their assignment sheet effectively, and being prepared for class with all needed materials.   So, keep it up, Lane School students, to BE ORGANIZED & NEAT!

Growth Mindset

At the Lane School our students are developing a growth mindset. This is the focus of our Golden Ticket Award where students are acknowledged for using on the Power of Yet! In this video, Carol Dweck describes how to think about a problem that seems hard to solve.