Lane School Graduation 2021!

Graduation 2021!!!We had wonderful graduation here at lane school this year.  I am so proud of our group of students that graduated. They have all come so far and have overcome many obstacles to get where they are now.  They will be leaving Lane School and going on to their next adventure (high school) with the tools and strategies they need to be successful. Some of the wisdom they wanted to share with the students still working with us at Lane School is “hard work pays off”, Remember to keep the problem small”, & “it is easier to accept the help given than push it away out of anger”.  This group had such an impact on our program that will benefit future Lane School students.  Because of their work, we will be able to get some much-needed improvements to our building and program.  Thank you Lane School class of 2021 you will be remembered and we know you will do some amazing things in your future.

Keep it cool, Lane School