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School Happenings

Fall Harvest Reinforcer

Lane School celebrates the changing of seasons with our Fall Harvest Reinforcer. The week leading up to the event, students earned time at the reinforcer by working hard to make their days. The celebration included pumpkin decorating, slime creations, spooky movies, and much more.

Students were given special permission to come to school in costume for our fun event, and we saw lots of great outfits among students and staff! Classrooms pods worked together to decorate their hallways for our Lane Schools hallway decoration competition. Mystery guests, a pirate and a wizard, showed up to judge the hallways and choose the winners. It was a full day of fun, celebration, and Fall Harvest spirit!

Marble Milk Art

Every other Friday, students who are “on-level” get to spend the afternoon participating in a fun activity of their choice. This week, one of the choices was milk art! Students mixed milk, dish soap, and food coloring to make beautiful, creative masterpieces.

Puppies on Campus

One of Lane School’s hard working students, Moises, negotiated a special plan with the principal to earn the privilege to bring his 10-week old puppies to campus.

On the left, Moises proudly holds his very own puppy, Rocky. On the right, Moises’s homeroom staff and students pose with both puppies.

End of the Year Festivities

Lane School celebrates the end of the school year with a school-wide carnival, as well as an 8th grade graduation to honor the hard working students who are prepared to successfully take on high school.